MyWorld is a leading provider of customer loyalty programs for businesses.

Partner Program products include Cashback Card customer cards, innovative marketing and service modules, a CRM system and statistical analysis tools.


This enables partner entrepreneurs to be able to reach more loyal and new customers quickly at a very low cost. As a result, Myworld presents itself as a strong partner for large physical brands, online stores and small and medium businesses.



Tailor-made customer retaining solutions for SMEs are one of PARTNER PROGRAM’s specialties. SMEs can choose between two Cashback Programs – Partner Program and Premium Partner Program.

Ready to find the right solution for your business and perform superior customer relationship management.

The Partner Program allows companies a simple and cost-effective opportunity to gain new customers. With the Premium Partner Program, SMEs have their own independent customer loyalty program to leverage their existing customers and attract new ones, which includes high-end solutions for a successful business by having the ability to create their database. and acquire the most professional management tools on the market.

Companies also have a very important factor through customer loyalty, which allows them to receive up to 1% of their customers’ consumption whenever they use their card at other partner companies.


The Cashback World comprehensive Global Client Program positions myWorld as a Partner of Excellence that everyone who wants take part.

Being international, the advantage of automatically offering companies is an existing and growing partnership every day. In addition, corporations can expand their existing customer loyalty programs and enable their customers to receive cashback and shopping points when making purchases in various industries around the world.


Thousands of online stores are already taking advantage from the benefits Cashback Solutions customer loyalty programs have to offer. Cashback World’s huge international network of members and the mix of international and local marketing campaigns give online stores the opportunity to attract new customers, generate added value for existing customers and expand their business worldwide.

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Do you know BOOKING,com business model?

Booking’s business is to bring customers to hotels through its online platform and after customers pay, the hotel pays a commission ranging from 15% to 20%. Booking receives commissions and the partnership deal is done.

Myworld’s business model is brilliant.

It’s a bit similar to Booking, but more complete.

Bringing new customers into business and also enabling partner companies to be able to build customer loyalty with their house card makes this program unique in the world. The program provides entrepreneurs with tools to work professionally with their clients and have access to statistical analysis to compete in the market, which will make the traditional commerce can be revitalized.

When the company pays Cashback World the intermediation commission, Cashback World issues an invoice that incurs expenses generating tax benefits. The commission is then distributed as follows. Cashback World gets 1.5% of the average sale, Myworld’s 2 foundations, the Child Family Foundation and the Green Finity Foundation will also benefit from this commission.

It then delivers 1% of the commission to companies or Lyconet Marketers who have loyal their customers and led them to consume.

The bulk of the commission is given to the customer who made the purchase. It will be up to 5% Cashback (cash in bank account) depending on the commission that the company has agreed to discount, and Shopping Points as virtual currency to exchange in promotions that partner companies make.

With this model customers save more and companies attract more customers.

Finally, through customer-generated shopping points, Myworld will pay the Lyconet network career through that % of the purchase. Lyconet is paid for productivity, that is, for the consumption generated and not for having people with only one card.

Thus the business is directly linked to the real economy.